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12 Steps To 3D Print Your Minecraft Creations

Chris Anderson, author of the book “Makers”, argues that the world becomes a more interesting place when the world of bits can be converted to the world of atoms.     With the rise of “3D printers,” teachers, students, hackers, and makers … Continue reading

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How might we improve the way citizens and governments interact?

If you read the news paper, it’s impossible to avoid headlines related to big issues facing our culture.   How do we value people and human life?  How do we address poverty?  How do we improve our education system to foster … Continue reading

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12 Popular Posts On Teaching, Productivity, and #EdTech Tools

I am very thankful to my personal learning network on Twitter.    As I research ways that I can serve my community of teachers and students using technology,  my Twitter personal learning network has become an indispensable  learning and development … Continue reading

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Envisioning the future of education technology

Source: via Massimo on Pinterest Related posts: Starting with WHY I believe educational technology just became exponentially cooler. Thanks Google! Organization Before Innovation Can gaming have a positive impact to students? Answers from How can YouTube support great … Continue reading

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10 resources inspiring improvements in education through open innovation   Why should education leaders pay attention to “open” technology and innovation? 1. As education leaders, we seek to improve education while reducing cost for our schools and students. 2. As education leaders, we desire to improve education while … Continue reading

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