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When I talk to college or high school students about my job as a software developer, I often encounter the question “how do I get started creating apps?”  As a software guy, I want to encourage students to become makers.   I love the craft of making software and building apps.   Therefore, I wanted to share some information about a tool that will provide a gentle introduction to building mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

PhoneGap is a free tool that allows you to create simple mobile applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.   You should check out this tool for the following  reasons:

  • Using PhoneGap Build, you can build apps using one step without owning a Mac or other expensive programming tools.
  • A friend of mine is building a small mobile phone game using Canvas and JavaScript.  It’s amazing that this works!
  • As you grow in your HTML and JavaScript skills, you can use more advanced features of your mobile platform like the accelerometer, camera, geolocation and more.
  • You can build apps like these – http://phonegap.com/app/
  • I believe in taking baby steps in life.  While it would be cool to start learning Java and Objective C to build mobile apps, PhoneGap helps you start the learning process using tools that are simple and engaging.
  • If you start investing time in learning PhoneGap, you’re building skills to become a web developer too.   The demand for these skills is only increasing.

If you don’t know HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, no problem!  There are fun places to get started learning.



How do you get started with PhoneGap Build?

Here’s a quick video giving you an overview of how PhoneGap Build works from LearnToProgram.tv .   In future blog posts, I hope to provide more teaching regarding the design process of building a mobile app, getting started with HTML5 and JavaScript, and more.

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What kind of app would you like to create?   We would love to hear from you!!  Leave a comment and let us know how we can help you.


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