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How can games transform education?

What aspects of games help enhance learning?  Check out this awesome TED talk from Dr. Richard Van Eck. For additional examples of gamification and game based learning, please consider reviewing my previous blog entries. Dr. Van Eck feels that games … Continue reading

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Reduce your stress level with keeping a plan of awesome

I have the great pleasure of sharing my life with my wife who teaches college Biology.   We have a number of friends who are preparing their final plans for the fall semester.   I have to admit the process of planning … Continue reading

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How do I level up as a Dad?

  Photo from  I cherish my mission as a father.   My wife and I have been blessed with two wonderful boys who are going up so quickly.   I often ask God to help me become the best dad that I … Continue reading

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Engaging my students by the mission of clean water

I teach at a small college that typically serves non-traditional students from lower income brackets. I find one of my biggest challenges is to get my students truly engaged in the material. I am competing for their attention in a … Continue reading

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Do you feel our education system values creativity?

As a musician and software designer, I care about my children and future generations being creative.   I believe creativity fills my life with passion, teaches me to be expressive, and helps me as a problem solver.    Sir Ken … Continue reading

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#levelupbc inspires and teaches using community building, crowd sourcing, and games.

Great recipes start with great ingredients.   The folks at the #levelupbc have served up a dish of awesomeness with the ingredients of passion for teaching, community building, crowd sourcing, and games. Through this blog, my wife and I want … Continue reading

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How can AI improve our organizations, schools, and families?

In computer science, I fell in love with artificial intelligence.   It’s the sort of topic that you see in science fiction that makes you dream about how the world will be different.   While I would love to talk … Continue reading

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Organization Before Innovation

All of the technology in the world is not going to make me a good teacher. It can help me to become a better teacher. Technology in the hands of a bad teacher can be disastrous. I think that every … Continue reading

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