Adventures with Star Wars: Last Jedi AR Stickers

Like many families, we had the opportunity to check out the latest Star Wars movie, the Last Jedi. It seems that Google’s AR team and Disney have cooked up a fun Christmas gift for owners of Google Pixel phones: AR Stickers. We’ve seen sticker augmentations in other photo apps like Snap Chat or Facebook messenger. The AR Stickers feature in Google’s photo app enables you to place 3D content in the context of your environment. Using very advanced surface detection, location, and mapping tech called AR Core, the AR stickers feature does a quick scan of your environment to find surfaces. You can then place Star Wars stickers in your world. The localization and mapping tech has greatly improved.  While it has a few imperfections, it’s still crazy fun to enjoy with your family and friends. Here’s a few pictures my family and I cooked up today. For a good laugh, you should check out the hashtag #arstickers for other Star Wars fan building Star Wars scenes in their homes and public spaces. I can’t wait to see this idea expand broadly to other platforms. This is fun disruption to taking photos and videos. 🙂


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