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5 Tools for Robot building, Android and JavaScript

Using Android, JavaScript, and Arduino to control your robot. DroidScript 8 Resources for Building Your DIY Robot DroidScript: Building Simple Android apps using JavaScript 10 Free Resources for Learning JavaScript and HTML5   Top posts on InspiredToEducate.NET 5 DIY Projects … Continue reading

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Real Impact Center of Macon: Changing Lives Through STEM education

Real Impact Center of Macon, an organization dedicated to helping young ladies gain exposure and proficiency in STEM skills, offers a number of summer camp experiences and fun/engaging workshops through out the year.   I have had the pleasure of … Continue reading

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Make-End: Macon’s Maker Festival

Make-end is an art and technology festival sponsored by College Hill Alliance showcasing the talents of artists, clothing makers, computer programmers, costume designers, crafters, DIYers, engineers, entrepreneurs, furniture designers, gadget makers, game designers, graphic designers, metalworkers, robot creators, scientists, technologists, … Continue reading

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