Maker Camp: Free Virtual Summer Camp for Teens

Make camp

As a Dad, I’m always looking for new ways to engage my kids in play and making cool stuff.   I wanted to share an online event provided by Make magazine that starts today. (2pm EST)    This online event or online conference will serve teens, young students and makers.   From reviewing their online materials, kids will get exposed to making DIY projects, boats, cars, electronics, crafts, and more.

How much does this online conference cost?   It’s free!

As a fan of the makers movement and project based learning, I wanted to make sure our community could check out this event.   I think this is a really neat way to get kids engaged in considering art, science, technology, engineering and math.   To learn more about how the Makers movement is impacting education and creativity, check out .

As a working dad who loves to make things, I’m excited to review the materials from this event to help me design activities for my kids.  I appreciate that the event is trying to encourage kids to build stuff from material that we have around our house.   I am very curious how the Make community will teach their material and design the projects so that teens aren’t glued to computers the whole time.

To learn more about this event, visit the following links:

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