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Learn to Build Your Own Conversational Bot using ChatScript

Science fiction (i.e. Star Trek and Star Wars) paint a vision of the future where people can simply use conversational language to interact with their robots and computers.   In the future, conversation will become a first class user interface like … Continue reading

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Funny Message for Graduates from Jon Acuff

This is a great talk to share with your graduating seniors. Love Jon Acuff’s humor!! On August 29, 2011 at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Jon Acuff entertained students with witty jokes about current trends on … Continue reading

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Using an online dropbox to make grading manageable

I am sitting in my office near the end of the Spring semester and I am surrounded by piles of paper (see the above picture- yes that is from my office). For the most part, these piles consist of assignments, … Continue reading

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Can ChatBots Increase Student Engagement And Learning? [Case Study]

 Our ability to speak and have conversations to pass on knowledge is one of our most cherished human qualities.   As a young father, I have enjoyed seeing my little ones learn new words and learn how to communicate their needs.  … Continue reading

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HistoChat: How To Enable Our Students To Chat with History

What happens when you put the following ingredients together? 1 bright college student who has a passion for entertainment technology, drama, and computer science. 1 artful user experience designer who loves researching human computer interaction. 1 software engineer who likes … Continue reading

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How to Fund Your Cause or Idea with Crowd Funding?

Are you looking for a way to fund your dream project or support your cause?  The act of making a new product, an innovation program or creating a new service can be very exciting.    When planning any venture, leadership has … Continue reading

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14 Top Posts From InspiredToEducate.NET

5 ways to get more results in your teaching environment. Want to build team collaboration, communication, and productivity? Make work visible! Reduce your stress level with keeping a plan 7 ideas for creating a student centered learning environment by Paul … Continue reading

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12 Steps To 3D Print Your Minecraft Creations

Chris Anderson, author of the book “Makers”, argues that the world becomes a more interesting place when the world of bits can be converted to the world of atoms.     With the rise of “3D printers,” teachers, students, hackers, and makers … Continue reading

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How to Avoid The Technology Trap

Technology is supposed to make out lives easier right? In many ways it has, but we must remember that technology is only a tool and it can be used for good or for bad. You can probably think of several … Continue reading

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7 Lessons from Teaching a Kickstarter Class helps creative people and makers bring their projects to market.   If you are going to create something new like a music album, a new video game, or a movie, you need funds to pay for labor and resources. … Continue reading

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