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How can a technology MAKER support great teaching and learning?

As a maker and technologist, I believe that my creations should have a strong purpose.   Since Sarah(my wife) is a college professor, we started this blog with the purpose of exploring practices, leadership methods, and tools that support great … Continue reading

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Adjustments (Flipping Update #2)

So my microbiology had their first exam last Thursday. It wasn’t pretty. The class average was a 67. Ugh. There was one person who did awesome, and a few that did ok, but the majority of the class scored right … Continue reading

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12 Popular Posts On Teaching, Productivity, and #EdTech Tools

I am very thankful to my personal learning network on Twitter.    As I research ways that I can serve my community of teachers and students using technology,  my Twitter personal learning network has become an indispensable  learning and development … Continue reading

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Reflections on STEM education in US: Have we lost our focus as a nation?

“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and … Continue reading

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Learning On The Go: Convert Your Favorite Blogs To Podcasts

As an audio learner, I enjoy technologies that help me to learn by listening.   My wife and I subscribe to Audible, enabling us to consume audio books despite our busy schedules as parents.    On Free Tech for Teachers, … Continue reading

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Flipping Out

This semester I got the crazy idea to try flipping my microbiology classroom. I have read several articles espousing the benefits of flipping (see this post) and it seems like the solution to my student engagement problems. Perhaps I should … Continue reading

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How to use Minecraft in teaching

In a previous post, we reviewed why Vicki Davis(@coolcatteacher) and other teachers use virtual worlds to teach digital citizenship and online collaboration.   It’s amazing to see how teachers use technologies like OpenSim to transform their students into teachers.   … Continue reading

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Help Needed! Bad Attitudes

Yesterday we started our Spring term. I am teaching the same courses that I taught last semester, Microbiology for Health Sciences and Introductory Biology (non-majors). I am doing a major course overhaul for Microbiology (the subject of future posts I’m … Continue reading

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Reducing stress by keeping commitments and ideas organized in MindMeister

I am a big fan of keeping my commitments and “todo” ideas out of my head.   By placing these ideas in an organized system, I feel less stress.   At home and work, I organize my commitments and ideas using a … Continue reading

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7 Great Lessons On Leadership and Business

My wife and I are raving fans of Dave Ramsey, Chris LoCurto, and their team.   As a teaching organization, they communicate their lessons about financial peace, leadership, and business development with clarity, passion and energy.   After listening to … Continue reading

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