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Every Student Has a Story

  All sorts of people walk into my classroom. One of the benefits of teaching is that you get to meet individuals that you might not otherwise encounter. This brings a richness to my own life for which I am … Continue reading

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Join us at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire

As part of the Makers movement, a Maker Faire is a community gathering that celebrates creative expression in digital fabrication, arts, fine crafts, robotics, programming, and engineering.  Across the nation, these events are inspiring kids and adults to be creative, … Continue reading

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Inspiring Students To Learn Through Making. Here’s How.

Check out   In the STEAM movement, we seek to engage students in a love of learning about science, technology, art, and math.  In previous posts, we have discussed the risks to our local and national development if we continue … Continue reading

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Failure is an Option

I honestly want to be the best teacher that I can be. It truly pains me when students fail or withdraw from my courses. This week two students dropped one of my courses, and there are others that haven’t showed … Continue reading

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Why hate science?

Over the weekend I went to a potluck supper with several other families. One of the other moms there was talking to me about maybe helping her with some of her homeschool science curriculum. Of course I got really excited. … Continue reading

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Simple Minecraft Programming Using ScriptCraftJS

As a fan of Minecraft, I have enjoyed seeing it used for fun and playful learning.  In this post, I would like to introduce a technology for programming Minecraft and making small games.   ScriptCraft by Walter Higgins enables you to … Continue reading

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New Beginnings- Tips for the new school year

I love the beginning of the school year. I always get excited when I walk into a store at the end of the summer and the smell of new school supplies fills the air. I have to be restrained when … Continue reading

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7 Lessons From Starting a Professional Book Club

  When I graduated from college and started work as a professional software developer, I still thirsted to grow my mind in knowledge of my faith.   University of South Florida (USF) had a pretty cool campus ministry culture.    So, I … Continue reading

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Using candy to teach DNA structure

The introductory biology course that I teach focuses on cellular biology. I start with an overview of the basic types of biological molecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids) and the different structures found inside of cells. I then spend … Continue reading

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Programming Simple Animations Using HTML, Canvas, and JavaScript

A number of people in our community have started asking the “how do I get started as a games programmer?”  I believe we live in an exciting time to learn the craft of computer programming.   All the tools you need … Continue reading

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