Starting with WHY

Space Shuttle Launch

My wife and I grew up in the great state of Florida. I was born and raised on the west side in the city of Tampa. Sarah was raised on the other side of the state in the shadows of the rockets on the Space Coast. We are HUGE fans of NASA. I can remember my Dad breaking out an “old school” slide projector to show us the history of the Apollo missions. Several times our family took mini-road trips to the east coast to see the Shuttle launch. Both of my parents work in the medical field. These things, combined with an “overdose” of watching Star Trek, influenced my love for science. In my adult life, I work as a software engineer who especially loves to rip off ideas from biology.

Growing up in Cocoa Beach, FL, Sarah was in a prime location to explore the coastal wildlife and to see all things NASA. If you visit Sarah’s childhood home, you can run to the beach at the end of the street and see a few launch pads. Sarah’s dad had an awesome career working at the Space Center. When you grow up surrounded by engineers and rocket scientists, it is almost natural to become a lover of science. I have to say that I am very proud of my wife. In her young adult life, she has completed her doctorate in biomedical science. She now teaches microbiology and biology in a local college. It has been awesome to see her experiment with different teaching and engagement styles.

Together we have a shared passion for science. Like all teachers, my wife has to work diligently to keep her students engaged. This topic of student engagement seems to dominate our dinner conversations. As a technologist and media geek, I enjoy the opportunity to help my wife be successful in her work.

From my corporate perspective, I have started reading a lot of content related to leadership. The books “Developing the leader in you” by John Maxwell and “Entreleadership” by Dave Ramsey both point to a profound principal: the best leaders are those that teach. Even though I work as a professional computer geek and my wife is a college professor, it seems we are both in the same business of teaching.

Born out of this passion for science and desiring to become better teachers, my wife and I decided to commit to blogging about our life lessons. In this work, we hope to celebrate great teachers, schools, and organizations that teach. We also hope to explore opportunities that can improve our craft of teaching.

We hope to cover some of the following types of content:

  • Examples of great teaching
  • Showcases of great schools
  • Teaching principals and rules of thumb
  • Teaching styles
  • Media resources
  • Teaching communities
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Web technology that supports teaching and learning

We hope that you will become a regular visitor. Thanks for joining us as we learn to improve our craft of teaching.


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