Reducing stress by keeping commitments and ideas organized in MindMeister


I am a big fan of keeping my commitments and “todo” ideas out of my head.   By placing these ideas in an organized system, I feel less stress.   At home and work, I organize my commitments and ideas using a tool called MindMeister, a web based mind mapping tool.    I love this tool since it helps me creatively brain storm, but I can keep my thinking organized.    If I need to improve the organization of my ideas, it’s very simple to move those ideas around.

Benefits of MindMeister:

  • The tool can be used for creative brain storming, project tracking, prioritizing features of products, and outlining papers.
  • Since the tool is web based, I can use it from Linux, Mac, and PC.
  • The tool can import ideas from FreeMind, another open source MindMapping tool.
  • MindMaps can be shared.   Suppose you have three of your friends looking at a MindMeister mindmap for planning a party.  As you add ideas to the mindmap, all of your friends see your changes instantly. (This is a fun feature!)
  • Idea nodes in the MindMap can be decorated with notes, icons, files, etc.
  • You can enjoy this product for free if you limit yourself to three MindMaps.
  • The tool is available through Google Docs as well.

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