Olympics of teachers – Microsoft partners in learning forum 2012



Bill Gates through his foundation has challenged our community to discover what makes a great teacher.   In this vision, we need to regularly find and celebrate great teachers.   I greatly appreciate the work Microsoft has done to organize the Partners in learning program.

During this week, Microsoft has hosted a forum where 100 awesome teachers from across the United States share innovative projects that use technology to enhance teaching.     In my head, I would call this event the Olympics of teachers using technology.    Watching this event through twitter, I wanted to highlight 10 killer inspirations and resources.

  • @web20classroom – The future of learning isn’t the device. It is what kids are doing with the device, what new knowledge they are creating with it. #pilus
  • @AngelaMaiers – Technology does not solve problems — PEOPLE do!! Design the technology around peoples needs and values #PILUS
  • @web20classroom – Good schools turn into great schools because of leadership. Administrators, teachers and especially kids, taking risks. #pilus
  • @coolcatteacher – The one limit I’d remove blocking innovation: Standards as excuses for not changing & not collaborating w/ other classrooms #pilus
  • @web20classroom: The future of the classroom isn’t flipping. It’s flattening. #pilus – How do students learn how to learn?
  • “@AngelaMaiers: This should be up in EVERY Classroom and EVERY Teacher Lounge #Pilus http://pic.twitter.com/b9Fqn9QP
  • @SkypeClassroom – “Don’t be afriad to be awesome” – wise words from @ksivick about sharing your projects with other teachers http://bit.ly/OCvUyB #pilus
  • @ketheredge – Just a few more days & @marty_lester and I will be in Seattle presenting our school’s prof dev program at #pilus – http://t.co/vTnNEwvW
  • @ewilliams65 Check out post re: Alan November’s Who Owns the Learning? book http://bit.ly/Q4EPKS #pilus 2day #edtech #cpchat #pbl
  • @SkypeClassroom – Live blogging from #pilUS from @coolcatteacher – http://t.co/TupgjMXd

Thank you @SkypeClassroom@ewilliams65@ketheredge@AngelaMaiers@web20classroom, and @coolcatteacher for sharing these ideas on twitter to help inspire positive change in our education community.   I really appreciate that many of your tweets point to the idea that people are more important than processes and tools.

Please make sure to check out all the great projects at Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012. These teachers all deserve gold medals for rocking education and making a difference in the lives of their students.

Make sure to check out @coolteacher’s live blog at http://t.co/TupgjMXd .

Are there other ideas that have inspired you from Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012?





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