Makers rocking #JavaScript at JSConf 2014

JavaScript Logo

JavaScript Logo

Scott Hanselman, one of my favorite programming/technology bloggers, argues that the JavaScript programming language is the assembly language of the web.   It’s the programming magic that makes modern web applications like Google Maps possible.   My good friend Chip Bell recently came back from the JSConf 2014 conference.  He was beyond excited!!   He shared stories of makers using JavaScript to program robots that played soccer, JavaScript powered boats, and quad copters.   The JavaScript language has entered the “Internet of things.”

In the following Storify post, I have tried to collect together presentation slides, pictures, videos, and stories sharing the latest trends in the JavaScript language.   It’s clear that the Makers movement has touched the JavaScript community in a big way!  It’s such a fun time to be a programmer and Maker!

One more thing, if you’re interested in learning JavaScript and HTML5, check out our free books post here.

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