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To build a collaborative community of artisans, entrepreneurs and technology professionals known for grassroots innovation, creativity, leadership and our passion to serve. We foster a diversified and thriving Middle Georgia economy through mentorship of entrepreneurs, hands-on learning programs, and providing creative spaces/tools to convert ideas into marketable products and services.

Join the Middle Georgia Makers Community

During this past weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Disney’s magic kingdom.   The team of Disney is known throughout the world for their service and team of creative engineers and artists.   As I walked around the park, it was fun to consider the impact that Pixar and John Lasseter have had on the culture of Disney and technology.   Our little ones love the movies Cars, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc.   Most kids in America do!  Pixar, however, would not be possible if John Lasseter(a talented artist) didn’t have the vision of telling GREAT stories using computer animation.    I would encourage you to check out some documentaries on the history of Pixar.   It’s really cool to see how John and his team challenged the limits of great story telling, art, and computer animation.   As a leader, John Lasseter pushed the bounds of possible in computer science.    In order to create expressive characters and tell Pixar’s emotive stories, John pushed his technology team hard to invent new technologies related to computer rendering and animation.  Really cool stuff!

So… what would happen if we connected the creative technology community with the vibrant community of art and music in Middle Georgia?    I believe that we can expect that the community would create innovative ways to teach young makers.   I believe the community would help inspire a deeper culture of creativity.    It really would be fun to find out.  The bounds are endless!

To help the community connect to each other, our blog will be hosting a Middle Georgia Makers community.   If you’re a creative entrepreneur, artist, or technology professional, please consider joining our FaceBook group.    We want to foster a supportive community of creative professionals who are interested in improving their craft, their business, and “making” Middle Georgia awesome.

Join the Middle Georgia Makers Community

By joining the Middle Georgia Makers Facebook group this week, I will offer a free online webinar on social media marketing.  In this mini-class, I will share why “educational direct response marketing” is important to your cause and business, tools that help you build your platform, and connect you with other free resources.

Look forward to getting to know you!



So… What are you passionate about making?


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