I believe educational technology just became exponentially cooler. Thanks Google!

I think educational technology just became exponentially cooler! Why?  During the Google I/O 2012 conference, our amigos at Google gave us tons of new tools and platforms to help us innovate.   I love new toys!  These tools can help serve existing movements like mlearning and  game based learning.  I love seeing competition in the tablet space too.    Lower cost tablet devices is a great win for students.  The glass technology creates huge opportunities in augmented reality.   It’s fun to dream about what you can teach with this tool.   News from Google I/O:
  • @timoreilly I suspect that Google Glass may be a technology milestone to surpass the iPhone. #io12 bold thinking, unique assets brought to bear — MLEARNING
  • @google: Watch the full video of today’s skydiving Project Glass demo at #io12 (hint: it’s great in full screen!)  http://t.co/VvbrXFxJ — MLEARNING
  • @timoreilly Women of Google event opens with a video about @sitwithme and the red chair campaign http://bit.ly/LNNjz0 #io12  — WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY
  • @google Big @Android updates @ #io12: Jelly Bean, more entertainment in Google Play & 2 new, powerful Nexus devices http://goo.gl/XWCFi  — MLEARNING
  • @CNET Google Glass just got a lot more real. Check out our first take: http://cnet.co/M5edHq #io12
  • Android 4.1 will have Bluetooth Braille support  — EDUCATION FOR BLIND
  • @mattcutts Google will be teaching a “power searching” class: http://goo.gl/6PF5s . Good for regular folks, SEOs, even #io12 attendees.    — SEARCH COURSE
  • @ChromiumDev http://ChromeExperiments.com is now mobile! http://youtu.be/E4f_Zg5mcz0. Check out 9 brand new mobile experiments at http://g.co/ce #io12  — GAME BASED LEARNING, MLEARNING
  • GoogleAtWork: Big updates to Google Apps Script at #io12today. It’s now easier to create&share what you build.
  • While reviewing #io12, I saw that Microsoft has created a cool automation service for Android: onX .   Everyone loves automation.  — MLEARNING, GAME BASED LEARNING

For more news on Google I/O 2012, please visit https://developers.google.com/events/io/ .

Summary videos can be found at CNET.

What education innovations would you like to see  in 5 years based on Google’s contributions today?



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