How can a technology MAKER support great teaching and learning?

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As a maker and technologist, I believe that my creations should have a strong purpose.   Since Sarah(my wife) is a college professor, we started this blog with the purpose of exploring practices, leadership methods, and tools that support great teaching.    Through blogging, I have enjoyed learning, listening, and discovering incredible teachers.   This experience has also caused me to reflect upon how important my teachers have been for me.   Many of them have transformed my life for the better.   For this… I am forever thankful.    So… As a citizen of the world, I say THANK YOU teachers for helping to transform the culture of the world for the better.    You rock!

As a writer for this blog, I have a desire to support great teaching and leadership.   I have been reflecting upon how I can use my own strengths and gifts to support this mission.   I currently work as a project leader for a local research center.   I LOVE the craft of software engineering and technology.   Technology, when implemented well, can greatly serve our students in life.   I also believe the craft of “making” offers many life lessons to our students on planning, creativity, working well in teams, and systems thinking.

With some of these thoughts in mind, I plan to focus on a smaller set of topics through my writing and reading.    Ultimately, I would like to start producing apps, tools, and resources that serve great learning and great teaching.    I hope these topics will help support our mission as teachers:

1)  Project based learning.

2) Tools to support the productivity of teachers.

4) Game based learning.

5) Tools that support teaching programming.

What is your top problem in teaching and engaging your students?     Is there a way that technology can help solve that problem?   How can we help you to be successful as a teacher?  We love to hear from our readers.




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