DroidScript: Building Simple Android apps using JavaScript



Let’s say you want to tinker with making simple Android applications, but you don’t have a lot of time.   Perhaps you just love JavaScript and want to write Android Apps.   Consider checking DroidScript on the Google Play Store.  DroidScript enables you to quickly build simple Android apps using JavaScript.

I greatly appreciate DroidScript enabling you to edit programs directly from a Wifi connected desktop computer.  All you need is a desktop web browser.   You don’t need to install Eclipse, Java, simulators, Netbeans or anything.   You press a button in DroidScript and the app fires up a web server on your Android device.   From your web browser, you can start making new apps, exploring and running sample programs, and checking out the documentation.

What features of Android can you access using DroidScript?

  • You can use the GPS, Compass, Camera, and Accelerometer.
  • DroidScript can do basic graphics functions.
  • According to the documentation, you can send and receive emails and SMS.
  • You can control Arduino and Lego NXT.
  • On a personal project, I used DroidScript to send commands to an Arduino through serial communication.
  • You can also fire up a custom web server so that your phone can respond to HTTP requests.

I think users will appreciate the effective samples and documentation.

Docs screen

For the young programmer, hobby programmer or someone who needs some quick code duck tape on Android, DroidScript is worth checking out.  If you need help, they have an active forum community at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/androidscript


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