Curiosity has landed! Touch down confirmed!

W00t! @wilw stopped by @NASAJPL today. He seemed pretty happy... on Twitpic

Curiosity and NASA team… You’ve made us all proud!   This is the Olympics of engineering!

Wow! The rover sent back pictures too!

Buzz on the Curiosity Rover?

  • @MarsCuriosity New #Spacecraft3D augmented-reality app from @NASAJPL puts me in the palm of your hand:
  • @NASAJPL Teachers: Bring @MarsCuriosity into your classroom! JPL hosts landing educator workshop, Aug 3-5. Apply by July 13:
  • @MarsRovers This Mars panorama is the next best thing to being there. 817 pics from Oppy stitched into one 360º view:
  • @MarsCuriosity W00t! @wilw stopped by @NASAJPL today. He seemed pretty happy to see my double. (The feeling’s mutual.)
  • @MarsCuriosity Dare mighty things. Team shares challenges of the final “7 minutes of terror” of my landing on Mars. Video:
  • @NASAJPL Share your ideas about future Mars exploration plans, including prep for human exploration! Closes July 1:

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