Boldly going where no one has gone before:

Most of us probably learned about cell biology in a traditional manner: lecture, books, and labs.   While these means of teaching are great, young students will soon have an alternative.   In the future, you’ll get to experience a quest through the basic lego block of life… the cell.

I had the opportunity to meet a team of very talented programmers and science visualization artists.   Blair Lyons and Laura Lynn Gonzalez, the creators of the KinectBiology project, have taken on the amazing task of enabling us to travel through a cell.

I first learned about them through their Kickstarter project.   I have to confess that they were the first Kickstarter project that I ever funded because I was inspired by their talents of visualization.   I believe that their Microsoft Kinect interaction is pretty awesome too.    In contrast to other game based learning cell experiences, they really care about providing a real model of the cell while making it fun.   This shows up in the manner that the gamer travels through the cell.     You don’t just fly around the cell.   You travel a network of structure that they discuss on their blog.

I appreciate Laura Lynn, Rachel, and Blair for innovating in the open.    They are providing a gift to the game based learning world by sharing their design and technical process with the world.

Please support their project by sharing their blog with your friends.   I am sure they would appreciate financial support too.

Very cool project!


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