Art and Tech Hacking Using Arduino – Meet up on July 29th


Massimo Banzi has started a movement. He invented a computer technology to teach his student artists and designers how to create simple electronics and prototype products in weeks. (not months) The Arduino has helped make electronics tinkering accessible to creatives young and old with a broad range of skill levels.   Since Banzi decided to share his innovation as open source, he has introduced a revolution in DIY electronics hacking. This technology has been celebrated by artists and technology professionals. Check out his story below:

Abstract: Massimo Banzi helped invent the Arduino, a tiny, easy-to-use open-source microcontroller that’s inspired thousands of people around the world to make the coolest things they can imagine — from toys to satellite gear. Because, as he says, “You don’t need anyone’s permission to make something great.”

If you’re interested in art and wearable tech, you might enjoy checking out the work of Becky Stern from Adafruit.   She has a really interesting job at Adafruit helping to review and promote textile materials and wearable Arduinos that can be used in costuming, fashion, or fun personal projects.   I discovered her through a recent edition of Make magazine.

Interested in learning more?

Join Mercer Google Developer Group for a fun evening of coffee, fellowship, and Arduino hacking. We’ll do a quick overview of the technology and various applications. We will be bring out Arduino devices so that you can tinker and experiment. I’ll probably bring out the Arduino robot too. (I finally got the distance sensor working!)

We hope to see you there!

Do you have any favorite Arduino projects or kits? Share a link below!


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