Ananth Pai: engaging students through scalable game based curriculum

Abstract: Submission to the United States Innovative Education Forum Ananth Pai’s objective is to achieve fifth grade level growth from third grade class by individualized learning using NWEA MAP assessment and their learning continuum (DesCartes) for Reading and Math, and engaging students at all times through scalable game based curriculum

I first learned about Ananth Pai through a TED talk on gamification  by Gabe Zichermann.

Why do I believe that Ananth Pai’s innovative teaching strategy thoughtful?

1) Students are encouraged to learn in small groups according to learning style.
2) Mr. Pai uses “off the shelf” games.
3) Data is used to help improve the teaching style.
4) In 4.5 months, his class performance moved from a mid 3rd level to a mid 4th grade level.
5) In some cases, the students are learning with children across the world.
6) The students are having fun learning math and reading. Wow!
7) Ananth shares his data and resources openly at

I had a pretty cool third grade teacher growing up.  I, however,  have to confess that I wish I had a teacher like Mr. Pai.

Please make sure to connect with him through Twitter at

What do you like most about Ananth’s style of teaching with games?




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