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4 Middle Georgia Makerspaces to Boost Your Creativity

Published on April 28, 2016 by in technology

Real Impact 3d printing

Across the world, maker spaces have become hubs for creative technologists and artists to gather to share community, ideas, tools, and grassroots education.  In the years that I’ve blogged on InspiredToEducate.NET, it has been amazing to see the growth of the makers movement in Middle Georgia.   I still remember my road trip to Augusta, GA to visit a maker space for the first time.   In 2014, My friend Brent Lanford invited me and a team of people to visit to explore the potential of growing the makers movement to Middle Georgia.  I became especially excited to learn about the ways you can blend project based learning, DIY, and student empowerment.  The idea of helping people to grow by connecting them to powerful ideas and tools was an amazing opportunity.

Thanks to the efforts of many organizations, hours of investment and many leaders, we can celebrate that Middle Georgia has four growing maker space communities.   As I’ve had the opportunity to chat with leaders of successful maker spaces, they always emphasize the importance of growing and connecting the community.   In this blog post, I want to raise awareness of the growing ecosystem of maker spaces.   I also challenge you to get involved, join the movement, and start turning your ideas into reality!

SparkMacon Maker Space:  SparkMacon is a community innovation space equipped with art and technology tools, equipment, and expertise for students, tinkerers and entrepreneurs.   Thanks to the generous support of our founding members and investments from the Georgia Technology Authority and the Middle Georgia Regional Commission, our team had the opportunity to grow Central Georgia’s first maker space community.   In our vision, we hope to be the catalyst for and physical manifestation of the local Maker Movement.   We have three core areas of focus: serving makers in helping them grow in STEM skills and art, serving start-ups in connecting them to local business resources and rapid prototyping, and (3) supporting the growth of our creative tinkerers.  Learn more at

Firestarter Fab Lab:  For our makers near Warner Robins, GA, make sure to check out FireStarter Fab Lab.   Thanks to profound investments from Flint Energies, Houston County Career Academy and their partners, FireStarter offers an amazing range of industrial fabrication equipment and a growing community of makers.  Their educational programs include everything from a FIRST robotics club, fabrication workshops to classes on wood working.   The educational and project work spaces are generous.  Make sure to check out their impressive listing of industrial tools.    I especially admire their efforts to grow business leaders and making connections to local makers.    Make sure to visit and their Facebook page to engage in their community, tools, and learning opportunities.

Firestarter community

5/4 music space: 5/4 music space is a music incubator with rehearsal space and a recording studio.   They desire to spark a new scene of music for Macon, GA.   The 5/4 team have worked really hard to create an engaging environment for music creatives and help grow opportunities for local bands.  They are currently hosting monthly “open mic” nights to encourage artists and fans to network.   Macon is a community that loves it’s music heritage.  5/4 will be the space to grow the next generation of Macon music legends.   To learn more and engage with 5/4, check out their Facebook page and their website

5/4 music space

Ampersand Arts: Ampersand Arts has the mission “to encourage everyone to see their creative potential by thinking outside the box of standard arts education and institutions, helping them push past perceived barriers and learn that they can make unique contributions in the arts in Macon and beyond.”   This makerspace will focus on serving the needs of the arts community.  As a member of SparkMacon , I’m looking forward to working collaboratively with this community.   I believe we’ll find fun intersections in our combined technology and art communities.  To learn more about Ampersand makerspace, visit .

Ampersand arts

In addition to the official makerspaces described here, our team has started learning about efforts to grow educational makerspaces in schools around Macon.   I have wondered if it’s possible to turn cities or regions into collaborative creative communities.   Some of our friends from are working to grow these kinds of communities in Rome, GA . We have the seeds of building “maker cities” today in Middle, GA!  And it’s exciting!



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