3 Resources to connect with other educators and have a great school year

Connect with other teachers


I love to discover deals and free stuff(books, resources, tools.)   I am the type of person who thrives on connecting with people too.   The act of forming relationships and learning about other people and their ideas have profound personal education benefits.   As I help my wife start to prepare for her school year, many other teachers are kick starting their classrooms.   How do you make it a GREAT year?

To be clear, I am a dad, a team leader in a software engineering organization, and a choir director.   I do not have the explicit title of teacher.   Since my wife works as a college biology professor, our family has come to value the craft of teaching.   In my effort to support her, I have actively tried to learn what helps busy educators.   My wife encouraged us to start blogging together to help blend our passions for teaching and technology.

So, what can a computer geek do to help you have an awesome school year!??

Connect with other teachers 12 minutes per day

I would like to introduce you to three people who will help you connect with other teachers.    Teachers supporting teachers is always a epic win!

  • 1- Go to the principal’s office!

    • I had recently met Jessica Johnson through Twitter.com.   I appreciated her taking time to chat with me.   She has written resources to help teachers use Twitter to enhance their teaching.    She encourages educators to connect with each other and support each other.   She has written a great blog post introducing teachers to the BEST of the Twitter community: http://t.co/zbAhaDs3
    • About @PrincipalJ: Elementary Principal, Twitter Evangelist, passionate about learning/daily5/cafe/instructional leadership, comoderator of #educoach chat, mom of 2 boys
  • 2- Follow the leaders

  • 3 – Free book using Twitter to connect with people

    • Ok.  There are a few of you reading who are resisting the idea that Twitter can help me.    How can lines of 140 characters each help me be a better teacher?  I would challenge you to consider trying Twitter for 12 minutes a day for two weeks.   If you do not get any value from Twitter, I will give you your money back.  🙂
    • This awesome book from Becky Robinson will help you connect with other teachers and leaders 12 minutes per day.   While the book is written from a marketing perspective, she does a great job of introducing twitter in baby steps.   What other professional development tool will cost you so little time?  Twitter can be very fun too.  To support you on your journey of Twitter, consider downloading this awesome e-book.   It’s free till the end of August:  http://www.weavinginfluence.com/landing/31-day-challenge
    • About @beckyrbnsn: a mom, wife, friend, writer, and the founder and CEO of @weaveinfluence. I want to help you grow your online presence, 12 minutes at a time.

I hope these resources will help you connect with fellow educators.   As a parent, thank YOU for all the love and time that you put into your craft of teaching.    Thank you for loving our children.

If there is more that a computer geek can do to help you, please let me know!   As an educator, what was the last cool idea that you found on Twitter?

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