8 Resources for Building Your DIY Robot #Arduino #RaspberryPi #JavaScript


  • http://www.coderbot.org/ – This project details open designs, plans, and software for building your robot with Raspberry Pi.  The computer vision features and teaching resources are impressive.
  • http://sumobotkit.com/ – This is the first open source robot design I tried.  I uses Arduino and continuous rotation servo’s.  It’s a great weekend project.
  • Johnny-Five: Using JavaScript to Code Your Robots – I have been amazed by the community of JavaScript/Node programmers creating easy to use API’s for robot building.  The Johnny Five community has great documentation and support for many hardware platforms.
  • Servo control with Raspberry PI in 5 minutes or less – Got some continuous rotation servo’s and a PI? I used this procedure to create my Raspberry PI robot.   It’s cool since you just need the servo’s and the Rasberry PI.
  • ServoBlaster – Here’s a link to ServoBlaster
  • How to stream video from Raspberry PI – I found an old web camera around the house.  I tried to implement some video streaming from my PI using this procedure.  Amazingly, it just worked!  With the video streaming feature, my brother in another city can remotely drive my robot around my house.   Lots of fun.
  • Building robots with Raspberry Pi and Python
  • Ruby Robot – Detailed e-book – While researching this blog post, I found this cool ebook.  Looks like a good read.


Are you interested in building Arduino or RaspberryPI robots?  Let us know what you’re building in the comments!


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