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Build a Space Shooter with Phaser3 and JavaScript(Tutorial2)

In this blog post series, I want to unpack building a 2D shooter game using Phaser3.js. Phaser3 provides a robust and fast game framework for early-stage JavaScript developers. In this post, we’ll focus on enabling our ship to fire lasers. … Continue reading

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Build a Space Shooter with Phaser3 and JavaScript(Tutorial1)

Like many computer enthusiasts, I grew up playing video games on the classic Nintendo entertainment system. Some of my favorite games included Super Mario brothers, Legend of Zelda, Tetris, and Star Force. It’s been fun to share these game classics … Continue reading

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Recording Music and Audio with the Kids using Audacity

As a young person, my mom and dad invested a great deal in my growth as a musician. Looking back, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to use my gift of music to foster various ministries in our church. My … Continue reading

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Music Maker: Using NodeJS to Create Songs

In my graduate school career, I had the opportunity with our evolutionary complexity lab to study creating music using neural networks and interactive genetic algorithms. It’s fun to study these two topics together since I enjoy crafting code and music. … Continue reading

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4 Orlando Makerspaces You Don’t Want to Miss #makerspace #orlando

When my family lived in Macon, GA, our Macon makers community helped start one of the first makerspaces in Middle, GA: A makerspace is a community oriented and operated workshop with tools to support a broad range of art … Continue reading

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Remotely Control IoT devices using NodeJs, Firebase, and Johnny5

Hello, makers!  In our blog post today, I wanted to share a simple way to remotely control IoT devices using NodeJs and Google Firebase.  Let’s say you’re trying to remotely control a small lego crane like this.  You’ll notice there … Continue reading

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Building Chat Bot Apps with Google Actions

In science fiction, we have dreamed about the days when we’ll talk to our computers to make things happen. In Star Trek, crew members can talk to the Holodeck computer to “program” and explore amazing virtual experiences. Tony Stark(aka. Ironman) … Continue reading

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The Importance of Reading To Foster Empathy

In my view, one of the best educational and community hacks of all times is the library.  Why?  They are organizations devoted to growing minds through books.   Books have the ability to send us to new worlds of adventure, help … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Being Present

In our modern world of mobile devices and tech, it’s easy to become distracted. As knowledge workers, we have an attraction to achieve mastery in our craft and autonomy. My family will attest that I do a lot of “work … Continue reading

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“Growing Your Developer Career using Open Source” via @JohnBaluka

Whether you’re just starting in your career or you’ve been working in the industry for years, you can benefit from the culture and practice of open source. I want to thank John Baluka for sharing his reflections and personal journey … Continue reading

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