My Google Cardboard Prototype

Google Cardboard


Google Cardboard is a virtual reality technology building upon the capabilities of an Android Device.   In a previous blog post, I discussed the exciting potential of this technology in education, art, and engineering.   With help from a local Macon Maker, I was able to print my first prototype of the Google Cardboard.   It was very fun to build this prototype in a few hours with TinkerCad.   I never imagined that I’d be making a cool physical object with a browser based application.

If you’re interested in tinkering or experimenting this model, visit the following link at TinkerCad.   If you use this model, please drop me a line and let me know!

I think it’s awesome that Google has fostered a whole community of makers to improve their Google Cardboard technology.   Check out the community progress here:

I want to thank Jeremy Barker for helping me print this first prototype.   He’s a very talented and knowledgeable maker specializing in 3D scanning and digital fabrication in Macon, GA.   He was very kind to give me and a few young makers a tour of his rapid prototyping lab.    The kids were amazed by the 3D printers and scanners.   It was exciting to hear him share his dream to build a 3D scanning / digital fab business.    Like all start-ups, getting initial funding is a challenge.   So…Please consider checking out his “GoFundMe” page.   I think it’s a cool business idea.



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