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Making Chord Progressions using Sonic Pi

I have to confess that I love music and code. When I get to share my two favorite things in one package, it gets me excited. In previous blog posts, I had talked about an amazing tool called Sonic-Pi for … Continue reading

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7 Free Apps for 3D Design and Building Cool Stuff

AutoDesk TinkerCAD – This web-based application has become my favorite way to introduce 3D design to makers of all ages.  It comes with accessible tutorials to help you understand the software quickly.  I have used to engage students as … Continue reading

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Applications of HoloLens in Education and Training

The Microsoft HoloLens has become the leading device in heads-up augmented reality. You can think of the HoloLens as a Windows 10 computer that you wear on your head with amazing context awareness of your room, your location, and direction … Continue reading

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