Thanks to our SparkMacon Maker Space Teachers

In the past year, we had the pleasure of organizing our first young maker program serving 15 young ladies from our community partner, Real Impact.    Through this program entitled Project Renaissance, our students gained exposure to STEAM skills including coding, 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, costume making, Arduino hacking, and robot building.   This program would not be possible without the generous support of the Georgia Technology Authority and the work of the Middle Georgia Regional Commission.

We had an amazing team of teachers and coaches helping to build our students through this program.  I wanted to take a moment to thank our amazing team!

  • Code: Stephen Finney
  • 3D printing: Corey Robinson
  • Laser cutting: Patrick Hobbs
  • Video Editing: Larry Najera
  • Cosplay: Libby McCormick
  • Electronics: Glen Stone
  • Arduino: Robert Reese
  • Robotics: John Robison
  • College Student support team:
    • John Robison
    • Corey Robinson
    • Elizabeth Tate
    • Parker

On behalf of our Macon community, I want to thank each of them for their gift of time, sharing their passion for their craft, and caring for our students.   We appreciate your inspiration, leadership, and service.   I’m sure that this experience will leave a lasting positive impression on our students.

We also want to extend our thanks to Geneva West and all the parents who supported the students.  We appreciate all of your time and support!

Here’re a few pictures from our last DiY Arduino Robot building workshop.   For me, it was very exciting to see the students complete this final workshop.   We’re very proud of our students!  The students accomplished the DiY robot design reviewed in this post.

diyRobotics__3_20_2016 diyRoboticsParts

We’re looking forward to repeating a 4-month maker workshop series starting in May.  This workshop series will cover the topics of 3D modeling/printing, Robotics building, Arduino hacking, and code.   We plan to offer tracks for adults and young makers.

Learning To Code



In this blog post, I wanted to share a tool for anyone who cares about improving their clarity in writing.   As a blogger, I always appreciate any tool that helps me communicate well.  Honestly, it takes a great deal of internal focus to make sure I’m following the rules of grammar and punctuation.   I appreciate any tool that helps me do this more quickly.   I stumbled across a new Chrome extension to help.   You can learn more about this extension at  During my brief review of this free service, it feels very quick and helpful in Gmail, WordPress, and many other online services. For a detailed review of Grammarly features, check out the following video from

Learning To Code