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Hi. As I was researching new ways to improve our Minecraft coding workshop coming soon, a friend of mine asked me to check out the ComputerCraftEdu MOD.   ComputerCraftEdu empowers young coders to control small turtle robots in your Minecraft world.   These little programmable robots can do many of the jobs a normal player can execute like digging, gathering inventory, building structure using blocks.   Trying to get younger middle school students to type well can be quite a challenge.   I appreciated that ComputerCraftEdu mod provides a drag and drop interface for laying out movement commands and action commands.    If you’re interested in getting students into real code, the environment enables players to script out actions using the Lua programming language.  Students will get exposure to the ideas of sequencing actions, planning, repeating, and variables.  I’m looking forward to trying this mod out with our young makers in our makerspace.

Computer Craft Edu - code view

To help you get started with ComputerCraftEdu yourself, check out the following video and links:



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