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Loving Laser Cutting and Engraving

When most people talk about makerspaces and their tools, you usually hear about the 3D printer first.   Lately, I have enjoyed getting to know the laser cutting and engraving technology at our makerspace.   For makers and DIY crafters, … Continue reading

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8 Essential Resources for Marketing Your Venture with WordPress

Building a platform of service is critical to growing your brand, growing your influence, or getting noticed. In this post, we’ll cover all the basic concepts you need to get started with blogging in WordPress: How can blogging help your … Continue reading

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Inspiring Stories of Makers Building Autonomous Robots

As my kids get older, I have enjoyed finding ways that we can learn together, get inspired, and be entertained as a family.   To my surprise my little boys have really enjoyed Nova documentaries.   As a “big kid,” … Continue reading

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