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“STEAM: Creating A Maker Mindset” by @vvrotny and @speterson224

As parents and teachers, we encourage our kids to become well rounded people who love learning.   In our world of cell phones, ipads, and computers, it’s easy for kids to become passive consumers of media and technology.   We, … Continue reading

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Using Ruby and Code Generation To Save Time

Working in information systems as a programmer, you often find yourself writing boring repetitious code over and over again. Think about it. Let’s imagine you are writing code to access the following table. How many times will you type those … Continue reading

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Easy Recipes for Building Android Apps using MIT App Inventor

To help make Android App building more accessible to EVERYONE, researchers at MIT have released a wonderful tool to empower makers and students to quickly build apps using a puzzle metaphor of programming.  Everyone can play with puzzles.   Right!? … Continue reading

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Johnny Lee: Free or cheap Wii Remote hacks

Some research and development requires big and expensive equipment, resources, and sensors.   It’s awesome when innovators make cool technology more affordable, accessible and available to young students and hackers.   As a student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Johnny Lee explored … Continue reading

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