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Books and Tools To Get Started in Video Game Programming

In honor of the Global Game Jam 2014, I collected a few tools and resources to help you or your students get started in learning game programming using various technologies.    The Global Game Jam is a world wide hackathon … Continue reading

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Easy Data Visualization with Google Charts and JavaScript

Looking for an easy and free way to visualize data to gain insight? Google has provided a JavaScript programming interface so that you can integrate Google Charts in your applications. To my surprise, I found it is very easy to … Continue reading

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10 Helpful and Geeky Question and Answer Communities

I have started reading a fun book on innovation management called “Beyond the Obvious” by Phil McKinney.  Mr. McKinney has directed a diverse technical career including serving as CTO of HP.   A core theme of his book is that … Continue reading

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The trap of perfectionism

Early this morning, I woke from a nightmare. In the dream, I had landed a job at the university where I had done my PhD research. In this job, I was supposed to be teaching a large (300 students) lecture … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Energize Your 2014

How was your day? Did you feel energized by your activities or work? For me, this is such a powerful question. We have no clue how long we will be blessed to live our lives. I consider each day a … Continue reading

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7 Blogs to Encourage Young Entrepreneurs Started by Ben Bleikamp, this blog began teaching people how to make money from their dorm room.  Their community of authors now share insight to a broad range of topics of running an Internet based business. : “Founded in 1999, … Continue reading

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