10 Tools You’ll Love at SparkMacon Makerspace

Spark Macon

SparkMacon is a community space equipped with the tools and grass-roots education required to convert your idea into a reality. We blend the best of art & technology. In this post, I wanted to give you a taste of the types of tools our makerspace can offer to makers of all ages.

Our Community: We’re very proud of our community. Many of our members go out of their way to coach, mentor, and teach the tools and their skills. Why? Because they love what they do and want to share that joy with others.

3D printing: Got an idea for a product? With our 3D printing equipment, you can create a prototype!

3D Modeling Software: With the high interest in 3D printing, it becomes important to know how to create 3D models. Our community will be offering additional workshops to train you in 3D modeling software that works for you. TinkerCAD is one of my favorite tools for beginners.

Laser Cutter: Laser cutting and engraving is such a fun technology. In the following video, you can how to use the laser cutter to create 3D structures. Great tool for artists and robot builders!!

Wood working space
Wood working space

Adobe Creative Cloud: Thanks to the generous support of Adobe, our space offers our members full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud. These are amazing tools for digital artists and creatives.

Robot building: We’re currently building out workshops to help you create your own DIY robot for tinkering and learning.

Electronics: The Arduino has become a popular open source electronics tool for prototyping products. If you’re interested in trying out Raspberry Pi’s, wearables, and other electronics tools, you have to visit our electronics lab.

Korg Kross: For our music creatives, we offer software and equipment for basic music recording and audio recording. When we first opened SparkMacon, it was REALLY fun learing our Korg Kross. We really need to have a SparkMacon Jam session soon!

HP Sprout

Make sure to visit SparkMacon.com to learn about our training workshops. There’s a maker and artist in all of us! We hope to support you in your creativity! Learn more at SparkMacon.com

I want to thank all of our members and partner communities. We’re very thankful for you, your support, and helping to grow our community by sharing your craft. We would be nothing without our community.

Hope you have a great week!

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