Sumobot Jr: Fun Open Source Robot Kit using Arduino and JavaScript

Sumobot Bot JR

Looking for a fun weekend project? The Sumobot junior is a fun open source robot kit using Arduino and JavaScript. If you already own an Arduino, this kit can be an inexpensive way to tinker with robot building. (i.e. about $50)   Since the plans for the chassis are open source, you can customize the robot as you see fit.  The design can be completed using a laser cutter or a 3D printer.    You might extend the base of the robot so that you can have room for a bread board or anything else you like! You can find complete instructions for building your Sumo Bot JR at   The design uses continuous rotation servo’s which are pretty easy to program and re-use in other robot projects.  You can purchase the servo’s here:

While researching this blog post, I found another cool post detailing the process of building a NodeBot Jr.

You can find the build plans and code here:



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