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Reduce your stress level with keeping a plan of awesome

I have the great pleasure of sharing my life with my wife who teaches college Biology.   We have a number of friends who are preparing their final plans for the fall semester.   I have to admit the process of planning … Continue reading

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How do I level up as a Dad?

  Photo from  I cherish my mission as a father.   My wife and I have been blessed with two wonderful boys who are going up so quickly.   I often ask God to help me become the best dad that I … Continue reading

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Do you feel our education system values creativity?

As a musician and software designer, I care about my children and future generations being creative.   I believe creativity fills my life with passion, teaches me to be expressive, and helps me as a problem solver.    Sir Ken … Continue reading

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#levelupbc inspires and teaches using community building, crowd sourcing, and games.

Great recipes start with great ingredients.   The folks at the #levelupbc have served up a dish of awesomeness with the ingredients of passion for teaching, community building, crowd sourcing, and games. Through this blog, my wife and I want … Continue reading

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How can AI improve our organizations, schools, and families?

In computer science, I fell in love with artificial intelligence.   It’s the sort of topic that you see in science fiction that makes you dream about how the world will be different.   While I would love to talk … Continue reading

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How can YouTube support great teachers? Can we flip education?

As a student, I want to learn and succeed in my classes for a variety of personal motivations.   I believe that I thrive when my teachers cared about me enough to give me individualized attention.   How do we encourage … Continue reading

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Boldly going where no one has gone before:

Most of us probably learned about cell biology in a traditional manner: lecture, books, and labs.   While these means of teaching are great, young students will soon have an alternative.   In the future, you’ll get to experience a … Continue reading

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I believe educational technology just became exponentially cooler. Thanks Google!

I think educational technology just became exponentially cooler! Why?  During the Google I/O 2012 conference, our amigos at Google gave us tons of new tools and platforms to help us innovate.   I love new toys!  These tools can help serve existing … Continue reading

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National STEM Video Game Challenge 2010 Youth Prize Winners

As I have reviewed materials from the conference, I have become more convinced that education has a huge impact to the future of our economic future.   I have also enjoyed seeing the results of “game based learning” challenges. The … Continue reading

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Can gaming have a positive impact to students? Answers from

Please make sure to visit If we spend 3 billion hours a week playing online games, is it possible to direct some of that human energy to creating positive change in the real world?   Can gaming have a positive … Continue reading

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