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8 Podcasts to Help You Level Up in Code


  • .NET Rocks:  “NET Rocks! is a weekly Internet audio talk show for .NET Developers.”  I have been following Carl and Richard for years.   They have great taste in selecting guests.   I tend to use this podcast to watch for trends in web development, Javascript, and all things .NET.
  • Hanselminutes:  “Hanselminutes Podcast is ‘Fresh Air’ for developers. Scott interviews movers and shakers in technology in this commute-time show.”   I love learning from Scott Hanselman about a broad range of topics including DIY/makers movement, community management, open source, and .NET tech.
  • Floss Weekly:   Early in my career, I focused exclusively on the Microsoft ecosystem.   I had a great team leader who coached me to pay attention to ways open source technology can add value to a business.   This idea changed my career for the better.   FLOSS weekly is a fun show to watch trends in open source tech.
  • Podcast for Professional Software Developers.   This collection of talks can really help your team learn from the experiences of other software engineers.   It’s worth checking out!
  • Google tech talks – Awesome collection of video talks at Google given by top experts.  There’s a broad range of topics that you’ll enjoy.
  • Agile Toolkit Podcast – Conversations about Agile Development and Delivery.   In our shop, we tend to focus on Scrum and agile engineering practices.   This has been a helpful podcast to learn about other flavors of agile and ways that agile integrates with the business.
  • The Changelog: Open Source moves fast. Keep up.
  • This Developer’s Life:  A podcast about developers and their lives.


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