7 Blogs to Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

http://www.college-startup.com: Started by Ben Bleikamp, this blog began teaching people how to make money from their dorm room.  Their community of authors now share insight to a broad range of topics of running an Internet based business.

http://www.youngentrepreneur.com/blog/ : “Founded in 1999, YoungEntrepreneur.com has become one of the largest online forum communities for entrepreneurs worldwide.”

http://youngentrepreneurfoundation.wordpress.com/ : “The NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) is a 501(c)3 organization affiliated with the nation’s leading small business association, the National Federation of Independent Business. The non profit YEF is building the next generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing entrepreneurship education to high school students in the classroom.”

http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ : My friend Scott Ross, recommended that I check out the book “Tribes”, a cool book on the power and opportunity of building community.   I greatly appreciate Seth Godin’s wit, wisdom, and craft for stories to motivate and teach.   If you’re interested in community management or marketing, Tribes is a very important book.   Learn to boldly share your passion for your ideas, connect people with communication, and start the journey of leading.

http://michaelhyatt.com:  My wife and I have been greatly inspired by the work of Mr. Hyatt.   In his New York best selling book Platform, he coaches leaders to “get noticed in a noisy world.”   I really appreciate that his blog and book aren’t just about the mechanical process of learning social media.   Michael shares practical steps on improving your character, leadership skills, in addition to his expert wisdom on social media marketing.

http://www.jonacuff.com/blog : Jon Acuff, author of the books Quitter and Start, is beyond fun and insightful.   His sense of humor rocks!   He has a great talent for entertaining you with funny and silly stories while coaching you on how to start your venture.   I believe his message of starting your business without taking on debt is VERY important.   He encourages his readers to start learning, exploring, and editing their dream as soon as possible.

http://www.daveramsey.com/entreleadership/podcast : This online radio program by Dave Ramsey’s team is an amazing tool for growing your knowledge on all aspects of business.   Dave’s teachings of “EntreLeadership” are grounded in principles and are practical.   His team has interviewed some of the best thought leaders in leadership and business.    In my work, we’ve been running a book club around the culture introduced by this book.   It’s influencing how we positively grow our team members, market our business, and grow relationships.

Want more? Check out the following resource:


We always enjoy learning from our readers.   What blogs inspire you and your work? 

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