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If you have a dream, stop waiting for it. Make it!


In one of my favorite podcasts on open source software, Tim O’Reilly, publisher, speaker, and thought leader in open technology, challenges us to create a world where we “create more value than you take.”    This core idea appears in many contexts.    The agile leadership movement challenges teams to increase communication, accountability and create “value” using regular iterations of time.    In the culture of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy challenges leaders to become “servant leaders.”   In the act of becoming a servant leader, you become a teacher and a guide to your teams.  Servant leaders find success in helping their teams become the best version of themselves.  Becoming service oriented is a great place to start!

During our family road trips, my wife Sarah and I are very reflective in our conversations.   While taking our kids to the zoo, we started to reflect upon the following question:  What does our dream job look like?  What type of work helps us feel passionate and excited about our day?   As we talked, I sketched out this funny little sketch.

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During my most potent and engaged times of life, creativity, agile culture, and a spirit of caring for our community have been the magic ingredients of those moments.

  • As a choir director, I started learning the craft of continuous and incremental improvement with our team of volunteer music ministers.    I loved how collaborative and fun our choir was in making music.
  • As a software developer for a distance learning company, we were not supporting a cold sales process.   Our team was helping to connect adult learners with hope.   With the hope of getting a better education and degree, these learners can help their families and careers to thrive.
  • As an agile coach for a research institution, I really enjoy helping our software teams serve the community with creative software solutions.  It’s especially fun to help organizations find ways to streamline their processes and push the boundaries of knowledge and technology.

In regards to creativity and entrepreneurship, I have been delighted with the trends of the “Makers” movement.    In his book “Makers”, Chris Anderson explores trends in open innovation, 3D printing, CNC machines and open source that are leading to a new industrial revolution.    After reading parts of this book, I just can’t wait to start designing toys with my sons, printing, and playing with them.  Researchers and hackers in this space are creating computers that cost $35, quad copters, robots, R/C cars, and much more!   This space is ripe with opportunities.

In this blog, I hope to serve my readers with practical ideas for encouraging creativity in business.   I will share useful apps and lessons learned for Agile teams.   I hope to explore ideas that help organizations become more innovative, attract a tribe, and foster a culture of continuous learning.   I hope this content helps motivate you to start.   If you have a dream, stop waiting for it.   Make it!


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