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Your Strengths

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Why Find Your Strengths?

What do you want to do when you grow up?   For young people and some adults, it’s hard to answer this question.   We believe that helping you find your strengths can help you answer this question.    If you are naturally creative, should we explore careers involving making like design or art?  If you’re naturally great at working with your hands, what opportunities are available for you to become a skilled craftsman?   Everyone has natural talents and personality traits that can be used in creating a small business or growing a career.   Working with a mentor, we hope to identify and grow your strengths.

How Do I Find My Strengths?

  • Take 20 to 30 minutes of quiet and no distractions.   You know yourself.  Make a list of the strongest parts of your personality.
  • Talk to a trusted friend or mentor.
  • by the VIA Institute On Character – Free 15 minute assessment of your character strengths.
  • DISC Assessment by Tony Robbins – Free 15 minute assessment of your personality style.

We encourage you to keep your strength assessment information for your personal records.   We encourage you to share your strengths on your profile page so that mentors can help guide you in growing your natural talents.




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