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Design Your Business


We want to help you connect your strengths to opportunities.   As a community, we want to help each other to realize and achieve our dreams.   Dreams, by their nature, are big ideas and unclear.   That’s fine!   During this stage, we encourage you to work with our community to transform your dream into a plan.    It’s great to start with a dream, you need to turn your dream into action by drafting a marketing and business plan.    The following resources will support you through the process of learning how to form a purposeful mission and vision for your startup.

We highly recommend the book the “$100 startup” by Chris Guillebeau.

  • Don’t go into debt: We want to encourage you to design your business without going into debt or using large amounts of VC money.    Chris shares stories of professionals who started their dreams with great ideas, focused planning, and hard work.  We want this to be your story!
  • Lean plan converted to action: Chris does a great job of helping his readers to define their business plans in a concise manner and testing aspects of their business plan.   He encourages young business leaders to make their first sale as soon as possible and incrementally grow their business.
  • The writing style of this book is fun and concise.

Here are the key business plan elements you need to design:


Learning Resources and Network

As you design your dream, you will naturally have more questions and need more resources to educate yourself.    Consider using the following resources.

  • Grow a personal learning network: Twitter and Google+ can become your mobile business classroom.    Use social networks in an intentional manner and follow great business leaders who have the heart of a teacher.    The following link provides more details on growing a personal learning network:  Building a Personal Learning Network  Check out this awesome community on Google+ for Entrepreneurs.
  • Use free and open education resources:  Because of our Internet culture, great education and learning is now free.  Knowledge is powerful and can transform your life.   We encourage you to consider looking through some of the open educational resources listed below.

Learning Materials from Open Culture

Learning Materials from Coursera

Khan Academy

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