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Apps To Deal With College Stress

apps to reduce stress

Starting college can be stressful. Due to the costs of higher education, it is stressful trying to find deals on books, scholarships, grants and managing the other costs. For some, it can be a challenge to adjust to the new social climate of college. And then there’s school work and studying… How do you keep all your work, ideas, and demands on your time organized?

I wanted to share few free apps that I use to organize myself. For me, if I can keep things out of my head and organized, I am naturally less stressed. I hope it helps!

MindMeister: As a creative, I enjoy the mind map design of the tool. When I start my day, I make sure I document three mini-goals for the day. This tool helps me keep my goals visibile, break my goals into tasks, and manage my projects, tasks and ideas. Love it for tracking ideas for apps and games I want to write.

Google Drive: For file management and creating stuff, Google gives you resources creating documents, simple spreadsheets, and drawings. For some majors, I wonder if it will be possible to avoid buying Microsoft Office. :) Google Drive is a great tool for sharing and collaborating with peers.

Twitter: In graduate school, I enjoyed starting to use Twitter as a personal learning network. Try to follow people you admire or people who are interested in making you better as a person. Twitter is a great way to discover and connect to local events in your school too.

Evernote: Remember everything with the help of the computers, phones and tablets you use daily. Many students recommend this app for taking notes in classes or personal productivity.

Kindle: As I manage personal stress, I find that I need to toward a “low information” diet. Social networks are cool and insightful. It, however, is great to sometimes sit down in quiet with books that fill you up and helps you un-plug. Of course, Amazon and Project Gutenberg give you lots of free books too.


In researching this post, I found an infographic from Southern New Hampshire University talking about the challenges of college stress and apps to keep you balanced and charged up. I hope it helps!

Helpful Apps to Help Cure The Stress of College Life (Infographic)
Presented By SNHU.EDU Online College Programs

What are some of your favorite apps??

Other tools for finding apps for fun, helping you study and increasing productivity.

Photo by Josh Bancroft – Flickr source is here.

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