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Hi! My name is Michael Rosario, one of the founding members of Changella.    This community has the mission of  mentoring student entrepreneurs to dream, design, make, learn, and continuously grow.   Why should you study leadership and entrepreneurship?   You may be thinking the following:

  1. I’m majoring in __________ . I don’t really see the point of learning business.
  2. To be honest, I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, but I don’t think it has anything to do with entrepreneurship.
  3. I really like bacon.  Where can I find more?
  4. Maybe you’re thinking about zombies.

Regardless of your perspective, I would assert there are some cool benefits to learning leadership and entrepreneurship.   These life skills can benefit you whether you decide to jump into making a start-up or look forward to contributing to the world in a traditional job.

On a personal note, I have been coaching some of my close family friends who have been struggling to find work.   It really breaks my heart to see my friends who have achieved academic success yet struggle to find work.  In an effort to help, I started reading books like Quitter by John Acoff, a great book about obtaining your dream job.   From that book, I became attracted to answering the question “How do we give people struggling to find a job meaningful options?”   My friends and I have done tons of research and learning around this topic.   We are excited to share some of our lessons with you.  Here are a few key benefits of learning to think like a leader and entrepreneur.   You can find more benefits from this post in

4 Benefits of Learning Leadership and Entrepreneurship

1.  Dreams and goals:  One of my favorite authors and business leaders, Dave Ramsey, promotes this simple idea of “starting with a dream and ending in a goal.”   As I think about the people who had the most impact on me as a person,  they were either a good leader or good teacher.   In general, successful business leaders who work in corporations or run their own company pay attention to dreams and visions.   It’s important to consider questions like the following.   What’s my dream? How do I want to design my life to maximize meaning and purpose?   What kind of stuff gets me excited to jump out of bed?  What are my strengths?

2.  Mission: Good business leaders learn how to identify dreams(fuzzy as they are) and convert them to baby steps of action.    I believe our generation cares deeply about doing work that matters, has a purpose, and belongs to something bigger!!  At some point, entrepreneurs learn to convert their dreams and aspirations into a mission.   Missions feel smaller than dreams, but are still important.   They help us remember our focus.   What one word would represent your mission for this year?   You probably have fears about moving forward with your mission.  That’s great!  If you’re doing something that matters, you will face fear.   Entrepreneurs and leaders learn to manage and face fear.

3.  Influence: All organizations are composed of people.   All organizations serve people.   If you work in a corporation, you will need to learn the craft of convincing someone to take action.    This might be an act of marketing or sales.   At some point, you may need to give a proposal to your team leader.   I believe it’s important for our generation to value the craft of leadership and use it for positive change.

4. Learning the art of great communication and relationship building:   I’m a computer science geek.    I love to write code and build meaningful software.   There were times of my youth where I believed I could completely ignore my writing and speaking skills and just focus on my thing.  (writing code.)    As I’ve grown, I have learned to value the craft of speaking and writing well.   In our culture dominated by FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, and media, it becomes more critical to learn the craft of persuasion and communicating with clarity using technology.  Learning to share ideas and inspire action with clarity is a critical skill whether you work for someone else or you are marketing your own start-up.

The college experience is an amazing and exciting time.   We learn to become a balanced person who masters a craft.    What’s your dream? What baby steps do we need to do to explore this dream?

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